Divorce and Child Custody

Eaker Law Firm | Family Law Practice Rockwall, TexasGoing through a divorce is one of the most difficult stressors a person will have to go through in their life. Regardless of the reasons that lead to a divorce, you need skilled and reliable legal guidance at your side. Seeking an aggressive divorce lawyer or someone understanding and empathetic?  The Rockwall divorce lawyer at Eaker Law Firm, PC, has handled hundreds of divorces over the past 20+ years (since 1999). Divorce is hard enough as it is, which is why we strive to make the process as easy as possible for our clients. We have been there personally and professionally and will guide you through this with empathy and understanding.

While most cases are statistically resolved by agreement with or without need for mediation, we have the experience and comfort to try your case to the Judge or a Jury if needed. This ability and willingness to go to trial if we cannot otherwise achieve our client’s objectives brings you a strength as we negotiate, but we will also strive to work out an agreement that avoids the emotional and financial expenses of a trial whenever appropriate. David Eaker holds a 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating, is licensed to practice in all Texas courts and is exceptionally qualified to handle the demands of your case.

Begin the Next Chapter of Your Life with Confidence

Every single divorce case is different and requires different approaches and strategies. This is why we encourage you contact us as soon as possible to start putting together a plan to address your needs and concerns. Your future is extremely important to us. As people who have experienced divorce personally, we know exactly what you are going through. We can get you through this.

Contact us today to get started moving forward in this new chapter of your life.