Paternity, Custody Modification, Relocation, & Grandparent Cases

Eaker Law Firm | Family Law Practice Rockwall, TexasToday’s families are more interesting and complex than the TV families of the 1950s. Grandparent Rights, Same-Sex Marriage, Paternity, Geographic Relocation Cases have become common lawsuits. From unmarried parents, blended families, and grandparents, we have extensive experience in helping these clients in the matters that these types of relationships present and can help you.

Geographic relocation presents unique concerns and often complex litigation as geographic restrictions may hold you to an area while career advancement wants to send you away. David Eaker has successfully litigated these issues from every angle and can help you.

We also have extensive experience dealing with parents struggling with mental health issues (and unwarranted stigmas to be challenged) and are comfortable speaking the language of such treatments with appropriate experts to properly address these matters as they become involved in custody matters. Drug and alcohol addiction, narcissistic personality disorders, religious conflicts between family members, domestic violence, extra-marital affairs and infidelity, whatever the specific issues that confront your family, we have the experience of working with such issues to find an outcome that is best for your children’s long term future. I am confident we can help you through this process and help you and your children find a safe, productive, happy future.

We will directly confront your strengths and weaknesses. While always acting with empathy and compassion, we will not sugar coat or deceive you into false expectations. We may sometimes be blunt but we know this system and how to help you make the changes you will need to accomplish an outcome that’s best for you and your children.

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