Client Reviews

Client Reviews
For additional David Eaker client reviews, visit our Facebook page, Google, profile and other sites online.  The reviews below are just a sampling of some of the great reviews left by our clients on various internet sites. See why David Eaker is the Best Divorce Lawyer for you.
If you are facing a divorce and in despair or terrified, I recommend you call David immediately. I was a basket case when we met and yet he was able to analyze the situation with compassion and keep me grounded in reality. My best advice is to TRUST HIM. You will have endless worst-case scenarios consuming your thoughts that are a complete waste of your energy. Listen to David! He kept my head in the game and set forth a successful strategy in a time when I was too emotionally broken to make decisions. He is also experienced in dealing with narcissism which falls on deaf ears with most divorce lawyers. Please give him a call and take your next steps towards peace.
Highly recommend David!

I highly recommend David Eaker and his law firm. From the very beginning, he was true to his word. He did exactly as he said he would, and he got my divorce taken care of as efficiently as one could hope.

I remember one of the very first conversations I had with him, and how he told me to go live my life and he will take care of the legal side. He meant it, because that’s exactly what he did. He wouldn’t give play-by-play, so to speak, in real time throughout my divorce. However, when I would speak with him, I’d learn how he went over and beyond just to make sure all of our bases were covered. I was extremely impressed to say the least.

I really appreciated the fact that he was always cautiously optimistic. Sure, everyone wants to feel as though they’ve ‘WON’ in a divorce, but he kept me grounded and put everything into perspective. I too appreciated how he would collaborate everything with Megan, his paralegal. It was very evident how much they both really care.

David is a fantastic listener and so much so, he always wanted to make sure he understood everything clearly in order to gain good insight into the situation, and/or event.

Eaker Law Firm’s fees are very straightforward, so I never felt blind-sided throughout my divorce.

If you are wanting to hire an honest, objective attorney who has your back, I would definitely go with David Eaker and his team.

Thank you again,

If you are looking for a mediator by far, you need to hire David Eaker

If you are looking for a mediator by far, you need to hire David Moore Eaker. I just used him this month in my divorce case and he was very knowledgeable, trustworthy and very fair to each party that was involved in this matter. I highly recommend him.

Extremely Happy with David Eaker

David, Megan and all staff members consistently displayed professionalism, personalization, concern, sympathy, sensitivity – and at times tasteful humor and made my divorce much easier to get through. A divorce is a very difficult time (no matter how much it is wanted and/or needed) and these guys made it as easy as possible, considering. They were very timely with everything on our side which I very much appreciated. The other side was not, so their timeliness showed a great deal. I highly recommend David and his team!

Highly Satisfied!

I wanted a fair and quick divorce, for the sake of my children, and that is exactly what happened. David and Megan always responded to my correspondence in a fast and effective manner. He never encouraged me to drag out the process and lead me through each step with compassion. I would recommend them to anyone.

An Appeals attorney that goes the extra mile for his clients!!!!!

Mr. Eaker was an excellent appeals attorney. He went out of his way to make sure I was satisfied and completely informed of everything going on. He helped me to better understand the processes and laws as they pertained to my particular case. He kept me well informed of situations before and as they arose, while providing outstanding representation. Mr Eaker’s extensive knowledge of the law and willingness to go out of his way for his clients is a characteristic I personally found hard to find in attorneys. I would definitely recommend David as your appeals attorney. In fact, the only issue I have is that I cant retain him for my return to trial.

Forever Thankful

Having come highly recommended, my husband and I hired David Eaker to represent us in a child custody case. We knew we were in for a battle. Words cannot covey what an incredible job David did. He was not only our Attorney, but our “Counselor” as well. David was very responsive to all calls, emails and any request for a face to face meeting regarding all of the emotional turmoil that went along with the custody battle. David walked us through every step of the case and never left us in the dark as to where we stood. When we went to court David represented us with the same passion that we ourselves would have had. My husband and I are forever grateful and blessed for all that David Eaker has done.